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Guidelines on Sick Days

The school nurse must be notified of a student’s absence before 9:30am the day of the absence. Please use this absence form to report the absence. If you have questions for the school nurse please call the direct line to the nurse’s office.

When to keep your child home from school:


  • Student may return when it has been 24 hours from last episode of vomiting


  • Student may return when it has been 24 hours from last episode of diarrhea

Fever: defined as a temperature of 100℉ or higher

  • Student may return to school once they have been fever-free for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medication (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc)

Positive COVID-19 test or new onset of COVID-19 symptoms

  • COVID-19 symptoms to monitor for: shortness of breath, cough, fever/chills, muscle aches, sore throat, loss of taste/small, congestion/runny nose, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea
  • Please reach out to your school nurse to discuss how long student must stay home if a positive COVID-19 result occurs or if student is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

Signs/symptoms of pink eye (conjunctivitis)

  • Yellow/green eye drainage, crusting of eyelids so they are difficult to open in the morning, fever
  • Please call your doctor if your child is experiencing any of these symptoms
  • Student must remain home from school until 24 hours of antibiotics is complete (if suspected bacterial conjunctivitis) or a doctor’s note states otherwise

Signs/symptoms of strep throat

  • Sore throat, pain when swallowing, red/swollen tonsils, white patches on tonsils, tiny red spots on roof of mouth, swollen lymph nodes
  • Please take student to the doctor for further assessment and testing
  • Student must be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school if positive for strep throat

Signs/symptoms of hand-foot-mouth disease

  • Fever, flu-like symptoms, mouth sores, rash (most commonly on one’s face, hands and feet but may appear other places)
  • Hand-foot-mouth is a common but very contagious virus that often affects young children

Head lice

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